My Story

Jevgenijus Leonovas

Independent Brand Ambassador

The story of my TRANSFORMATION

I want to share with you my story about how I came to Kannaway and how my life changed after that.

I want to tell you how, disappointed in my life, a painter and decorator with a modest salary, I went from a debt of 15,000 pounds, a constant depressive state, resentment and anger at myself, as a “loser in life” to creating my dream business, calmness, balance, self-confidence and traveling the world with your family.

And I am sure that if you have a difficult situation, if you are looking for a way out of the abyss of failure, I can help you. You won’t believe how simple it is …

Hi, my name is Jevgenijus and I live in a beautiful little country called Lithuania. I am 39 years old, the husband of a beautiful wife and the father of a beautiful son. We live on the outskirts of the capital of Lithuania, in Vilnius, in our small private house and are as happy as possible to be happy …

But more recently, I lived a life full of disappointment and dissatisfaction …

At that time, we lived in England, in London, and I was probably more broken than the homeless poor fellows at the Charing Cross railway station (in debt of 15,000 pounds), and I worked in a futile, tiring job and was constantly in stress due to gravitating thoughts that this is not what I want to do; that this is not my place and that I must be completely out of here😩

I felt that I was working only to pay off constantly growing debts, and that my life was running in a vicious circle, like “Groundhog Day.” Each day was exactly the same as the previous one. It was terrible..

It’s a shame to admit, but I even had to send my wife and son to my homeland in Lithuania, and myself to live in a shed in the backyard of the house I rent, because I rented all the rooms to pay bills.

Most likely, many have a similar situation! Perhaps not as scary as I had, but similar ..


❌ Broken, unhappy and disappointed with life;

❌ Lives from paycheck to paycheck;

❌ Buried alive under heavy loans and debts;

❌ Feels that he is working on the creation of others’ desires;

❌ Cannot breathe deeply and enjoy life due to a constant lack of money;

Well, that was exactly my life at that time! I remember once, at the beginning of the month, I was sitting in my little shed, using a laptop and reproaching myself, because again I spent more money than I earned, and again I had to use a credit card … And I can’t convey in words how depressing this feeling when you realize hopelessness … Yes, and damn arthritis! Damn it! How I was tormented by pain in my injured knee. 😢

It was my limit … and I remember how I clenched my fists and through clenched teeth shouted silently: “Why! Please, God, how I want to get out of this ASS. Show me the way! ”

A few days later, and almost as if my prayer (more like a cry for help) was answered …

I found myself talking on the phone with a successful entrepreneur, Fanis, who told me about a proven online system that thousands and thousands of people used to break out of their disgusting routine and poverty and create the life of their dreams.

At first I was a little skeptical … But, seeing how well this plan worked for Fanis, the father of four children, who got rid of constant overwork at work, stress, underpayments, huge debts, began to travel the world with his family, moved to sunny Turkey and began to earn for a month more than he had previously earned in a year … I realized that I also want so – that it is for me!

You know, in life, sometimes key events take place that can change it very thoroughly and dramatically – the day I met Fanis, the person who told me about the business opportunities at Kannaway, became the day when my life changed dramatically and flowed completely in a new direction!


✅ It was a decision how I can close my debts;

✅ It was a way to quit my job;

✅ This would allow me to travel the world without limits;

✅ This would allow me to rest and earn money at the same time;

✅ I no longer have to go to work – I can work from home;

💥 And yeah! That was exactly what I would like to do!

What he showed me really opened my eyes to the fact that it was possible, easy and affordable … It was .., like an epiphany!


👉 Acquaintance with Kannaway gave me Freedom. I got the freedom to manage my time and plan my day exactly as it was more convenient for me in the first place. I began to breathe deeply.

👉 I discovered a new amazing, independent world of great opportunities. Now I do not depend on the employer, as it was when I worked for a wage. Now my income is 100% solely dependent on me, my abilities and the work I have done. I took responsibility for my life!

👉 Personal growth. Acquired new knowledge, skills and abilitiesI received as much useful and interesting knowledge as I did not receive during my studies at school and institute. I read books, attend trainings and seminars, study exactly what interests me. Every day – a new experience, every day – new knowledge!

👉 Environment / Communication with like-minded people. Thanks to my business, I constantly meet new interesting people from all over the world. What is it worth attending events organized by the company – when more than a thousand people in the hall are on the “same wave” with you, they talk and understand you 100% – this is very pleasant, and it really charges!

👉 The opportunity to help others. Only in MLM, helping others achieve Success, do you become even more successful yourself. MLM is a “team game” and helping your partners achieve their goals, you become richer yourself – both financially and spiritually – for me it is very important.

👉 Health and EnergyThe opportunity to use quality environmental products that energizes and restores my body. We all in our business begin by trying the products of the company. I am a 100% consumer of Kannaway products and adore our products!

Now, I can confidently say: I was not mistaken in my choice. The decision to start my own business in partnership with Kannaway allowed me and will allow you to change your way of thinking and lifestyle, will get rid of endless debts and will give you the opportunity to reach an income of 2500 Euros or more in 30-90 days!

The decision to join Kannaway will allow you to build your own business and save you from tyrants-bosses. And most importantly, for me personally, this decision freed up my time, which I can spend on my favorite people and my hobbies.

If you are already tired of slavery, tired of fulfilling and building other people’s dreams, and want to bring YOUR life back … Believe me, I have something to offer! If I, who was clogged with a life of introvert, succeeded – I am SURE, by 1000%, that you will succeed too!

Today I want to share this opportunity with you! And I will be glad to invite you to get acquainted with the business idea and the system, which is able to turn Your life upside down!


Jevgenijus Leonovas